Bearnadette Goes Mardi Gras

Miss Bearnadette attends Mardi Gras on Fat Tuesday in New Orleans
Globe trotter Miss Bearnadette was spotted at Mardi Gras on Fat Tuesday in New Orleans.

Bearnadette loves beads, candy, confetti and parades. She began as a doodle for March. I follow artist Ello Lovey, who publishes a Doodle-a-Day list each month. Day 4, Fat Tuesday, was all about Mardi Gras.
When I get an idea and start doodling on my iPad, I can’t stop until the fun is over. After spending eight hours on the design, I had made a friend. Bearnadette.  I posted a digital image of Bernadette for sale on Etsy in the spirit of Mardi Gras and a city that is rebuilding its history.
My how to:
My favorite two iPad apps are InkPad and Adobe Ideas. Bearnadette was created in InkPad, which is similar to Adobe Illustrator. It’s a vector program and creates drawings with crisp edges. I penned shapes stacked layers of shapes, filling the shapes with juicy Mardi Gras colors, adding gradients for shape.
Lastly, I removed the color layers from the drawing and made a page for you to color. So, get out your crayons or colored pencils and have some fun. Click this link to download a coloring page.

Bearnette Coloring Page

Grab your Mardi Gras crayons – purple, green and gold – and color Bearnadette at Mardi Gras!

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