Fill the Bird Feeders

pair of Titmouse enjoy a bird bath in the cold winter water
Never too cold for a bath

Cold Days of Autumn and Winter Ahead

Add Bird Seed to Your  Shopping List

I heard the rustle of leaves today coming from outside our patio door. It was rather unexpected, but I am sure it came as no surprise to the birds.

I had grown accustomed to the green leaves and the chirping, basking in the summer sun. Now the leaves are issuing an S.O.S. with their crackling sounds to signal everyone, winter is coming.

As soon as the trees shrug off their lifeless leaves, they will hunker down for winter with their bony branches, making ideal perches for bird watching.

With autumn in the air, Darrell added bird seed to his shopping list. It’s time to show some southern hospitality, and fill the feeders.

We live in an urban/ suburban area and feel honored when birds choose our yard for a winter respite. The titmouse, who grace us with their presence year round, have a greater presence in the winter when they flock together. They put on a winter show when they flutter in the bird bath on icy days.

I’m curious now that fall has arrived as to what birds will befriend us this year when migration goes into full swing.Leaves-49301000px

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