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Copyright Use for Art and Photographs

The following is a copyright use notice for digital art designs and photographs by Patricia Wiskur and/or Darrell Wiskur

Copyright protection is granted for art and photographs on our website(s) because they are original works, and thereby fall within the copyright guidelines of U.S. and intellectual laws.

The copyright notice(s) for this display are ©2020 Patricia Wiskur and/or ©2020 Darrell Wiskur.

We gladly extend Fair Use, but non-commercial use, to our art and photography.

The personal copyright use reserves commercial rights and prohibits you to commercially print, reproduce, repackage, or redistribute original photographs and/or illustrations in whole for sale. Commercial use is further defined as use of a photograph or illustration to advertise for a commercial product/website.

The Fair Use granted is broad and freely given, and is limited only to non-commercial use of our images/photographs as they appear on our website(s).

We have included copyright information with each piece of digital art/photograph for your convenience. A copyright notice appears in the file info/iptc field of the digital file. The copyright notice appears as “Some Rights Reserved.” The “reserved” rights are commercial rights as defined above.

Commercial Use

Send an e-mail  request for commercial use and pricing.

Art for Sale

Selected images in my Digital Art Gallery are available for purchase on Etsy at Swim Yellow Duck.

More Art and Icons

Visit our Swim Yellow Duck website to view more art and images.

Further Copyright & Digital Info

If you need further information about an image, access the data embedded in the file info/iptc field of the digital file where we have appended more info on the image, along with our contact information and copyright notice.

Copyright protection is extended to digital photographs under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.

If you have a question or a request, send us an e-mail.


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