six scoop ice cream sundae with sprinkles digital art

Philosophy of Sprinkles and Artwork

Extra, Extra Sprinkles … Please!

sprinkles on ice-cream sundae illustration
Say it with Sprinkles!

Sprinkles on ice cream at a drive-through window inspired my fancy sundae art. I was seeking ice cream, i.e., DQ Fan Food, with granddaughter Tori, and discovered the secret of life — sprinkles.

While traveling in Kentucky, we pulled into the nearest Dairy Queen.

We sailed past the menu board (memorized), rolled down the car window, and chirped out our order.

illustration of bird with plumes and pumps

Tori ordered her favorite Blizzard, topped with sprinkles.

A nano second later, she springs forward from the car seat as if she had an emergency. She needed to add something important to her order. In her most polite voice she adds …”and extra, EXTRA, sprinkles, please!”

Add Sprinkles to Everything!

ice cream sundae art with extra, extra sprinkles
Extra, extra sprinkles, please!

What’s a few more sprinkles? I loved the delight in Tori’s eyes when she saw her Blizzard lavishly covered with sprinkles.

When I think of good getting better, I visualize extra, extra sprinkles and the enjoyment the little things in life bring.

Don’t skimp on the good stuff.

It is that practice in life to top what you are doing with something better and to want to change the ordinary into the extra ordinary that maximizes those little joys of  life.

Find what’s missing and add it!

digital art sundae with six scoops of ice cream and a cherry on top
Where are my sprinkles?

My original Ice Cream Sundae Galore art started rather plainly. It was missing something, then I remembered Tori’s sprinkles.

Soon my Sundae became iconic. I added sprinkles, reversed it to Black & White, and added crazy, fun colors.

icon of ice cream sundae with neon colors on ice cream
Modern Ice Cream Sundae
black and white illustration of an ice cream sundae
Iconic Sundae

And for you, I made a coloring page with the six scoops of ice cream to color in your favorite flavors. View the art on the Make a Masterpiece page of line drawings.

At last, feeling philosophic,  I added a few more sprinkles and a Psalm to add a touch of glory.

ice cream sundae with verse six of Psalms 23
Glorious sundae!

Speaking of sprinkles, bake them in a cookie

A brilliant baker at Cookies & Cups added sprinkles to a Funfetti cake mix, and made lovely, spongy cookies.

My granddaughter Julie saw the recipe on Pinterest, and baked a batch for Father’s Day.

Hostess-with-the-mostest-Julie served the cookies warm from the oven with a cup of demitasse.

I couldn’t get the Funfetti Gooey Butter Cookies out of my mind, so I made a batch for my dinner guests as well.

Baking hint: follow the recipe precisely, particularly the baking time and process if you want to end up with the prettiest little cookie with sprinkles you’ve ever seen.

Or, for you from-scratch bakers, plug in the mixer for this sugar cookie & sprinkles recipe,  Italian Ricotta Cookies, made with ingredients from your cupboard! Ciao!

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