Boxfish at Wonders of Wildlife National Museum & Aquarium

Fish & Marine Biology

Fish and more at the aquarium

Fish is often something on the menu for those of us who live in the concrete jungle. But fish at the Johnny Morris Wonders of Wildlife National Museum & Aquarium swim with 35,000 marine animals, from 8,000 species.

This photo gallery is devoted to animals seen at Wonders of Wildlife, located at Bass Pro Shops, Springfield, Mo., where a team of botanist and animals lovers curate conservation.

Aquarium fun – watch a seahorse swim

My first visit to WOW was my first time to see a seahorse swim and a jellyfish dance – wow! I’ve been studying the animals and learning their names. Soon I hope to know them as well as any good friend.

Snorkel anyone?

We pack a snorkel and fins in our suitcase when we vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Calif., because we like to float around the coral reef in the Sea of Cortez.

No snorkel necessary to explore a coral reef at WOW. Salt- and fresh-water aquariums await, filled with 8,000 species of marine life. Take a trip to Wonders of Wildlife and see for yourself. There is more under the water than you ever imagined.

Piranha swimming with bubbles

Since I like to draw fish and my husband is a wildlife illustrator, we are wildlife enthusiasts.

A newly learned fact for me is that whales – and dolphins – are classified as  mammals and not fish because they (1) breathe in air/have a pair of lungs, (2) are warm-blooded, (3) nurse their young with  milk, and (4) have a few strands of hair.

I have much to learn, and I am thrilled I can enjoy this amazing marine conservatory and discover the marvels of creation.

Johnny Morris's first tuna fishing boat
At WOW, Johnny Morris’s first tuna fishing boat, built in 1955. Also, see boats from fishing authors Zane Grey and Hemingway.