Poster of flip flops and other summertime footwear

Flip Flops in my Digital Art Gallery

I Love Flip Flops

Flip Flops with a black and white check pattern
Flip flops with a Checkered Past

There is nothing that puts me in a vacation state of mind more quickly than slipping on a pair of flip flops.

In May, I was in my perpetual vacation-state-of-mind, and drew lots of flip flops, which I added to my Free Art Gallery.

Also, I modeled them together with some sandals for a poster and added it to my Art Gallery.


Flip Flops Take My Mind Off Politics

icon for free digital art
Wide Eyed Me

Wide Eyed rather describes my state of mind this political season. I am in a dizzying state of whazzup.

First, Jeb bowed out of the 2016 Race for the  White House 2018, more accurately described as the demolition derby. He and the clan are dissing the National Republican Convention, even.

Pretty bummed. I like principled governors like Jeb Busch and John Kasich, who accomplish reforms and know how to navigate the system. I want to see in my lifetime an immigration policy for Hispanics in particular that institutes a pathway to citizenship for a people who have enriched our culture and who have been welcomed through our back door for some 50 years.

They share our continent and our history. We need borders – we need some paperwork and identification cards – but not at the sacrifice of integrity. I would like to see some ink on paper and congress pass an immigration bill that we could all live with, and I felt Jeb was my best hope for that.

Flip Flops & Palm Trees Soothe the Mind

ice cream sundae with six scoops of ice cream, toppings, and a cherry on top
Ice Cream Sundae Galore

Darrell and I have escaped politics by eating our evening meal in front of the flat screen as a form of derision for the political ballyhoo recently.

We turn on Netflix and watch anything that has a palm tree in it. We’ve gone through Hawaii 5-O, Murder in Paradise …. Last evening, we watched an English/Spanish movie, which I highly recommend, Cambio de Ruta! It’s a perfect summer movie.

The movie has everything, palm trees, ocean, and a captivating cast. The film is beautifully shot. It is a relatively new film, released in 2014.

It’s a playful, island adventure of friendship and love. The cinematography, film editing, and production are elaborate,  with the perfect mix of English and Spanish sound bytes. Lots of eye candy with this adventure, set in the Riviera Maya.

Add Cambio de Ruta and Admiral to your summer Netflix list!

Blame our Netflix fascination on Trump, Hillary, and Bernie! As much as I am intrigued with politics, I need only hear their escapades reported once or twice before I get the gist of things. However, these mega figures are so fascinating that every channel replays their latest banter over and over again, analyzing and weighing their every word.

Take a break and watch Admiral, an epic adventure from the Netherlands

Retro Dutch girl doll

There’s no lull in the action in this film that depicts the naval wars between the  Dutch, English, and French. I don’t recall ever seeing a more accurate portrayal of maritime war on the high seas as this film has produced. I’ve seen paintings that capture the Dutch historical turning points in history, but never a movie. Circa England’s Mary Stuart, the film is a gallant portrayal of the greatest admiral of the Netherlands, Michiel de Ruyter,  the first to develop a team of marines. If you have a drop of history or adventure in you, this movie is a must see.


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