Yummy Frankenstein Cake for Boss Franky

Frankenstein cake
Hallmark inspired Frankenstein cake

Decorating my Frankenstein cake for Franky was inspired by art on a Hallmark gift bag.

Legendary Boss Inspires Cake

I baked a Frankenstein cake for my Boss’s birthday. He earned himself the nickname Franky, aka, Frankenstein, from his boss.

Franky’s career in journalism was noteworthy, but his transition to the corporate world was bumpy. He embellished his reports to an extent that his articles, though fascinating reading, no longer passed the fact-checking test. His writing created nightmares in the board room. On those occasions, the company president who hired him, exclaimed he had created a monster, Franky.

For Franky’s office party, I baked a chocolate, Frankenstein cake with my go-to chocolate cake recipe, Hershey’s Chocolatetown Special Cake.

I whipped up some green butter-cream frosting. Topped the butter-cream with drizzles of melted, milk-chocolate chips for Franky’s face, and covered marshmallows with chocolate for his ear bolts.

SPOOKY: For cobwebs on your Halloween desserts, partially melt marshmallows on stove top or in microwave. Stir for a uniform texture. Pull apart and finely string across your dessert. Don’t heat it too hot to handle.

My $300 Italian Butter Cream Frosting

Since then, I’ve upped my frosting recipe to the $300-Italian Butter-Cream Frosting. Also, I’ve discovered the Best Chocolate Cake Ever, thanks to son Jeff, who bakes it regularly for family celebrations.

Jeff’s trademark cake is two layers of scrumptiousness, a chocolate layer of the Best Chocolate Cake Ever and a vanilla layer of Martha Stewart’s Italian Cream Cake, smothered with Martha’s Grand Marnier-Italian Meringue Buttercream.

Cake for Three October Birthdays

Halloween’s celebration this year was lackluster compared to our family celebration for three birthday boys, born in October, who milestones – Eric and Ben 18 yrs., and Sam, 16. Their parents pulled out the stops to host a family party.

Eric’s dad and our son Jeff baked his trademark cake. My daughter and Ben’s mom, Wendy, decorated the cake with her usual flair

The boys love to fish, so Wendy frosted the cake with October-orange butter cream and decorated the cake with a fisherman and his catch in the great outdoors of the Ozarks … probably a large-mouth bass.

Happy Birthday cake
Happy Birthday, Sam, Eric and Ben!
Happy Birthday!
The October Birthday Boys!

The cake was delicious. Not one smidgen of frosting or a crumb of cake survived the munchkins.

When I tasted the cake and saw the unusually thin  chocolate layer, I thought Jeff had discovered a new recipe for chocolate cake and asked for the recipe.

Birthday cake and ice cream
Happy Birthday cake for birthday wishes

Jeff laughed and told of his early morning mishap in the kitchen. He forgot to add the 2-tsp. baking soda to the chocolate cake batter. Without the soda, the Best Ever Chocolate Cake became the Best Ever Chocolate Torte. The cake batter did not rise. It baked like a flat, dense pancake.

He went with the flat chocolate layer – added a layer of butter-cream – then a layer of Martha’s Italian Cream Cake – and another layer of Martha’s Butter-Cream. The cake was delicious as always – dense and moist.

Martha Stewart's Wedding Cake Book
Martha Stewart “Weddings” book with prized cake and frosting recipes.

Cake was the frosting on the birthday dinner

Tops on the menu were 1/2-inch grilled steaks, grilled to perfection; Twice-Baked Potatoes; Mandarin Orange Salad; and Crescent Rolls.

Click for Greg’s grilling tips and the recipe for the Mandarin Orange Salad, a recipe adapted from Sunny Spinach Salad by Nancy Jones, Sugar Beach. [Sugar Beach, a cookbook by The Junior Service League, Fort Walton Beach, Florida is available online if you search. I bought the book on a girl’s getaway to Florida years ago.]

cake decorated with flowers painted on fondant
Wrap a cake in fondant and paint it pretty for a tea party like my daughter Stephanie.

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