bird on cactus in orange and purple digital art

Free Art Gallery

Free Art -  JPG, PNG & SVG

Download and use my art in your projects

The digital art in my Free Art Gallery is available for use, gratis. I’ve extended Fair Use, but non-commercial use, to my copyright notice in the file info of each digital image.

Each image comes zipped in a folder, in random sizes and file formats, JPG, PNG, and/or SVG. (The pixel width of the image is included with the file name.)

Sample digital art with and without a transparent background

digital art example of a jpg, png, and svg image
Comparative views of a transparent PNG or SVG image with a non-transparent JPG image

Digital art in the JPG, PNG, and SVG formats

The Free Art folder contains Zip folders with the images in multiple sizes and formats, JPG, PNG, and SVG. Unzip/unpack the folder to see its contents.

Flowering teacup with blue background
JPG with color background

JPG images have a bounding box around the art, and are like stamps you affix to a background. A JPG is ideal when pasting onto a background when you want the art set off from the background.

plant blooming in a tea cup
JPG with a white background

If the JPG has a white background,  the white bounding box is not visible when placed on a white background, but the bounding box is there.

PNG and SVG images are versatile options when you need a transparent background.
bird on cactus in orange and purple digital art
PNG with transparent background

These PNG and SVG file formats are handy when you have an illustration with a shape, and you don’t want to see your illustration boxed in but want it free-style.

You can Customize an SVG image in a digital art program

Versatile SVG files are vector images that can be edited in an art program or App. You can make global changes to an SVG to change its size,  color, lines, shape, etc., without affecting the quality of the image.

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