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Free Icon & Symbol Gallery

Gallery Collection of Icons & Symbols

My Icon & Flourish Collection includes icons, flourishes, bars, and cartouche symbols. View a more complete index of icons on my website, Swim Yellow Duck.

The iconic images are gratis and available in varying formats, JPG, PNG, and SVG.

The miniature art in my Collection in total is copyrighted, but the individual images are for your enjoyment. Download and use individual icons without cost or copyright limitations, less commercial rights.
Beaded bar, a series of icons from my Free Icon & Flourish Collection, Some of the icons are after my drawings and doodles and others are inspired by antique books and out-of-print Letraset transfer fonts.

Letraset fonts were rub-on typefaces from the 60s, purchased on sheets of acetate for transferring type to book cover art and illustrations.

The cartouche icons are inspired by antiques and my fledgling attempts at calligraphy.

Gallery of Free Icons and Flourishes

How to Use an Icon

I have placed different sizes and file formats in zip folders for your ease of use in my website gallery. When you click an icon in the gallery, it will link to the matching Free Icon Folder with the option to download to your computer.

File Format Descriptions

JPG Images

Icons and flourishes in the rasterized JPG format have a white bounding box that is visible if you add the icon to any background that is not white.

PNG & SVG Images

Icons and flourishes in the PNG and SVG formats have a transparent background.

An SVG image has the added features that it can be resized without losing quality and it can be edited in a digital art program or App.

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