Tab camper trailer customized with flowers

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RVs are Home on Wheels

I’ve always preferred camping out in a hotel room, but watching a steady parade of campers to the Ozarks this summer has made me curious as to the world of RV trailers.

I now picture myself hauling a teardrop Tab camper or other glam buggy to a nearby lake or camping spot for spontaneous outings and for hauling around my art supplies.

poster with nine campers
Campers on Parade

Campers in Art

Hence, I was inspired to draw some campers recently, and I have added a few of the campers to my Free Image Gallery of digital art.

Camper RV with patriotic trunks
Dory’s Camper

Dory’s Camper was inspired by my cousin. Her RV is huge and modern, unlike the vintage one I drew, but she prompted the red, white and blue trunks waving  from the antenna.

My first sketch included a flag, but thoughts of Dory and the family reunion in Nashville popped into mind.

Dory had arrived at the campsite driving her mobile home, loaded with food and fun. Later in the day, she pulled out some undies and clipped them on the clothesline.

The panties were huge. It was fun watching her decorate the camp site.  I always smile when I think back on the fun time with family and the reunion and picture those panties waving in the breeze.

Cousin Dory hanging large undies on a clothesline at the campsite
Undies for the clothesline


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My love for art comes from years in the studio of Wiskur Productions, with my husband, Darrell Wiskur, a designer and photographer. Also, I was an editor and photographer in the real world for 17 years ... all the while, thankful for an artful life and cherished memories. Photos are ©2019 Darrell D. Wiskur