Cardinal sits atop an Easter egg illustration by Patricia Wiskur

An Easter Dinner Invitation for Twelve

Invitation to The Last Supper … for the first Easter

Scripture reference, the Gospel of Luke, verses 22: 7-20

Dinner Invitation for Twelve

First, invitations for twelve to an upper room
A guest of honor, ceremony, singing,
Communion, a remembrance of His promise to come again,
I will not eat of this bread or drink of this cup until … you and I become one
His farewell shook the earth, blackened the sky.
Friends mourned His leaving not knowing
The Father above was planning the first Easter surprise.
The Lord’s day –a resurrection – a coming again.

The guest of honor has gone to prepare a dwelling place
with streets of gold in heavenly places.
We’re invited, too, but He led the way.
Because He lives, we too shall live evermore.
If these things were not so, surely He would have told us.
Peace be unto you

I wrote Dinner Invitation years ago when taking a literature class with a friend at our community college. It was my friends idea to take the course.  Smile.

I would never knowingly venture into a class that required writing poetry. In the end it was an enriching experience of thought and devotion.

I have found throughout my years, all of my best ideas and the best times have come from friends and family including me in their adventures.

Dinner Invitation is based on the passage of Scripture in Luke 22: 7-20, one of several Biblical accounts by the Apostles who recorded for us the Lord’s preparation for his death, resurrection, and coming again.

Published by

Patricia Wiskur

My love for art comes from years in the studio of Wiskur Productions, with my husband, Darrell Wiskur, a designer and photographer. Also, I was an editor and photographer in the real world for 17 years ... all the while, thankful for an artful life and cherished memories. Photos are ©2019 Darrell D. Wiskur