Lettering on Adobe Live by Pro Designers

lettering sweet dreams art framed inside a heart
Sweet dreams, dear one

Check out Adobe Live Lettering Tutorials

Lettering on Behance by pro lettering gurus has sucked up 3-days of my life again this week.

Anytime lettering and illustration are slated for broadcast on Adobe Live, I click to tune in when possible.

Watching pro artists and illustrators teach their work flow is a valuable use of time. Adobe Live Streams showcase guest artists and designers weekly, Tues.-Thurs., with replays  that live on the Web infinitum on Behance and YouTube.

Each week features an unique area of design, art, animation, videography, lettering, typography, editorial design, illustration, UX design, or website architecture and layout.

Lettering Pros Share Tips and Workflow

Adobe Live lettering challenge style letters for Adobe Live using four colors
Day #1 lettering challenge was to hand-letter “Adobe Live” using four colors

Four lettering pros shared tips and workflow this week,

Aug. 28-30.

For those in the chat, Adobe sponsored daily lettering contests, Day #1 and Day #2, awarding winners a free year’s subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud and 100 stickers from Sticker Mule.

Day #3 closes with portfolio reviews. Designers are invited to send a link to their portfolios on Adobe’s Behance. Selected portfolios are appraised during the broadcasts. This impartial feedback gives artists the opportunity to see their work as it is seen by pros in the marketplace.

For Day #1, we were assigned to letter Adobe Live and use only four colors, #fcda27, #008adf, #fa5874, #95d902. I placed my hand-lettered type inside a chalkboard balloon.

Competition was stiff. I did not win.

Adobe Live lettering sticker art
Adobe Live sticker art

Day #2 Lettering Challenge

moon hangs from lettering art for sweet dreams framed inside a heart and sealed with kisses
Day #2 lettering submission

For Day #2, Adobe challenged us to create a brush from an image imported from Adobe’s Capture App, then letter a favorite saying with the brush. I created my brush from a lipstick blot.

For the lettering, I first penned my lines, then I traced them with my lip-smack brush. I scattered a few larger lip-smacks in the background.  Finally, I hung a moon on a chain as a light switch to wish sweet dreams to a loved one.

Drawing for Stickers and a Consolation Prize

Each day Adobe offers prizes during the  chat. This week, everyone  in the chat received 10 free stickers from Sticker Mule. Also, one person who is active in the chat during each session received 100 stickers, selected by a randomizer.

Keeping up with the Masses

I am probably the last person to hear about Sticker Mule. I am glad to not only find this resource for sharing mini art but to receive 10 free stickers — thank you Sticker Mule and Adobe!

I’ve had an Adobe Cloud subscription for years. Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and InDesign are in my PC toy box. On my iPad, I love Adobe’s free Apps.

Watching Adobe Live is time consuming, but time well spent if you like learning new skills from the pros.

Thanks to Adobe, my portfolio is growing, and I have more me-me-me stuff to put on my website.

Doodle from my iPhone that has an organic feel
Sometimes simplicity is complex.

One of my favorite all-time tutorials was on Illustrator and vector art by Maite Franchi.

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