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Which came first, the duck or the egg?

Birds of a feather, Swim Yellow Duck and Estate Trinkets & Treasures

We have two companion websites: (1) Estate Trinkets & Treasures, where we catalog and showcase antiques, and (2) Swim Yellow Duck, a website to celebrate the art of antiques.

First came Estate  Trinkets & Treasures – next came its feathered friend,  Swim Yellow Duck!

Estate Trinkets & Treasures dot com

montage of antiques from Estate Trinkets and Treasures
Antiques on Estate Trinkets & Treasures

Estates is an online reference guide for antiques and collectibles. The website came about because we wanted to post our research and photos of antiques. After years of selling online, we had a boatload of photos and a ton of sticky notes, all about the thingamabobs we were selling.

Darrell came up with the snappy name for the website, Estate Trinkets And Treasures, thinking it was descriptive. Although, we cannot boast about the name name being memorable or easy to type in a search bar.

Swim Yellow Duck dot com

Blonde china head doll
Blonde china head doll

To begin selling antiques on eBay, I needed to register a unique User ID to identify me from the other millions of Buyers and Sellers already on eBay.

I typed in every combination of letters and numbers I wanted for my User ID, but they were all taken. Finally, in desperation, SwimYellowDuck popped into mind. I typed it  in- success. No one else was using it. Gleefully, I registered SwimYellowDuck for my Selling and Buying name on eBay.

I found after being SwimYellowDuck online for years, I wanted to connect with collectors I had met selling on eBay to share the information I had gained about antiques and antique dolls, thus Estate Trinkets and Treasures.

Further, I fell in love with the art of the antiques and the hand-painting that embellished china and porcelain, the gloss and matte glazes on pottery, the art of blown and molded glass and especially, antique dolls. So it followed that I added the  SwimYellowDuck, website and blog, inspired by the art of antiques we were selling on eBay and Etsy.

Darrell’s natural-light photography of our antiques elevate our antiques to art status. When I paint and create digital doodles on my iPad, I am inspired by his  photographs. I publish his photos and my art of antiques on my  SwimYellowDuck website and blog.

The art of collecting

Banjo Betty figurine, imported from Japan in the 1950s
Banjo Betty, a copy cat of the Hummel “Joyful” and the February GiveAway at “Estates.”

My latest and greatest idea for Estates: a monthly Trinket Giveaway of a collectible vintage or antique item. A trinket is a treasure to a collector in that it lends intrinsic charm to the collection, regardless of its dollar value.

In January 2016, we mailed a porcelain half-doll to a collector in Virginia as our first Giveaway. For February’s GiveAway, we chose Banjo Betty, a collectible figurine, imported from Japan in the 50s.

The give-away fizzled out with loss of interest, so we discontinued the give-away later in the year. We have a gallery of the past, present, and upcoming Trinket Giveaways on our blog.

Swim Yellow Duck and the art of antiques

Swim Yellow Duck News about the website re-design
Swim Yellow Duck re-design near completion

Great news! My website re-design for Swim Yellow Duck is nearing completion. I will be adding more doll photographs and information and new art.

New Web pages on the drawing board at Swim Yellow Duck

The new Duck pages are a dance with art and antiques:

The Duck website will include photos of antiques to inspire your art, art by fellow artists, and my before-and-after on digital designs inspired by antiques.

Debut of the Swim Yellow Duck studio and the art of antiques coming soon …

Art button for the debut of the Duck studio

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