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About Swim Yellow Duck

Welcome to my duck pond!

Swim Yellow Duck is a blog and website about Art & Antiques and life in general.

About Home Sweet Home

Tintype of Darrell and Patricia Wiskur, Silver Dollar City, Missouri, about our honeymoon
Honeymoon tintype, Silver Dollar City, Branson MO

From the dairy state of Wisconsin, replanted during the 70s to the Ozarks  — from the north to the south. I left behind the city life when we moved to the Ozark mountains, and was blessed with a new home where nature is at its most beautiful, decorated with rivers, mountains, and lakes.

The pseudonym Swim Yellow Duck comes from a childhood memory, while living on a mink ranch in Doylestown, WI.

Each springtime, I watched ducklings march behind their mother into the pond. Without testing the waters, they followed their mother, in perfect step, swiftly into the water, into what I considered, unknown waters.  At the moment they stepped from land and lofted onto the water, my heart wished them good speed, “Swim, yellow duck!”

It’s that courage to go from the known to the unknown without hesitation and with complete confidence that has always earns my respect.

Hubby Darrell Wiskur is a wildlife illustrator and my photographer whenever I want a creative image for Swim Yellow Duck. He is a published photographer and illustrator, a children’s book author/illustrator, and a game designer. His favorite field of art is that of design. He holds numerous game copyrights and patents and most recently, received a patent for the A’Live Voice Lure, a mechanical voice box for fishing lures.

“Hey! Did you see that dinosaur in my pond!” Darrell wrote and illustrated a series of childrens books about his character Dinky Dinosaur. His art  and career work can be seen at Wiskur Productions.

Dinky Dinosaur by Darrell WiskurDinky Dinosaur

I sell fledgling digital art designs in my Etsy Shop, Swim Yellow Duck, and on Adobe Stock.

I have a blog on Blogger dedicated to my Braaksma Dutch heritage, being the granddaughter of Minnie and Dewey Braaksma.

I’ve added a standard copyright use to my original designs and photos, and grant fair use. The images and photos on this website are protected by U.S. and international intellectual laws. For display, the attributions are ©Patricia A. Wiskur and/or ©Darrell D. Wiskur.

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