Spooky Halloween – Doylestown, Wisconsin

Spooky grapes floating in egg whites and eyeballs
Float grapes in a bowl of egg whites. Close your eyes. Feel the slimy grapes squish through your fingers. Imagine how brave I felt in first grade as I listened to ghost stories, with visions of eyeballs dancing in my head!

My First Ever Spooky Halloween

Unaware to me as a child, I had a speech impediment.

I was clueless my speech was not stellar until my 1st-grade teacher, Mrs. Theresa Bow, enlisted Sally, a 6th-grader, to tutor me in pronunciation.

Those speech lessons turned spooky on Halloween morning, thanks to my playful tutor. She snagged my imagination and drew me into the 6th-grade plot —  scare the Jello out of  the 1st-graders.

Spooky glass eyes from antique Nippon doll
Spooky glass eyes from antique Nippon doll

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Yummy Frankenstein Cake for Boss Franky

Frankenstein cake
Hallmark inspired Frankenstein cake

Decorating my Frankenstein cake for Franky was inspired by art on a Hallmark gift bag.

Legendary Boss Inspires Cake

I baked a Frankenstein cake for my Boss’s birthday. He earned himself the nickname Franky, aka, Frankenstein, from his boss.

Franky’s career in journalism was noteworthy, but his transition to the corporate world was bumpy. He embellished his reports to an extent that his articles, though fascinating reading, no longer passed the fact-checking test. His writing created nightmares in the board room. On those occasions, the company president who hired him, exclaimed he had created a monster, Franky.

For Franky’s office party, I baked a chocolate, Frankenstein cake with my go-to chocolate cake recipe, Hershey’s Chocolatetown Special Cake.

I whipped up some green butter-cream frosting. Topped the butter-cream with drizzles of melted, milk-chocolate chips for Franky’s face, and covered marshmallows with chocolate for his ear bolts.

SPOOKY: For cobwebs on your Halloween desserts, partially melt marshmallows on stove top or in microwave. Stir for a uniform texture. Pull apart and finely string across your dessert. Don’t heat it too hot to handle.

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Pumpkin Face Jack-O-Lantern This Halloween

Happy Halloween greeting with a pumpkin jack-o-lantern
Happy Halloween from Pumpkin Face

Put on a Pumpkin face – Happy Halloween

Autumn is here, bringing with it Halloween and Thanksgiving Day.

I know it’s officially autumn when Starbucks brings back one of my favorites, Pumpkin Spice Latte. Bring ’em on!  I am an equal opportunity pumpkin eater: Pumpkin Almonds (thank you, Planter’s), Pumpkin Bagels and Autumn Soup (thank you Panera), and Pumpkin Pie Blizzards (thank you, DQ!).

I love pumpkins so much that I grow my own pumpkins. My daughter gave me a blown glass pumpkin because of my love for pumpkins.

I decorated this pumpkin in Photoshop to wish you a Happy Halloween. I took a photo of a pumpkin my hubby carved and added layer mask and layer effects in Photoshop. I clipped those to the carved pumpkin image and Voila.

Pen tool, in action

My first step for my art was to isolate the pumpkin from its background with the pen tool so that the pumpkin had a transparent background. I used the  pen tool again to create a path for my text. I placed a photograph of my pansies on the bottom layer to complete my image.

It’s fun to start with a photograph of a pumpkin and end up with a jack-o-lantern.

Photoshop after all is a lot like playing in a sandbox.

Happy Halloween to all …