Home Sweet Home to Shelter in Place

Stay Home for Shelter and Good Things Will Happen

Copycat of Edvard Munch's The Scream
Edvard Munch captured the human spirit in The Scream

I remember on Year’s Eve thinking how amazing 2020 would be. Could not wait for a New Year that would decidedly top 2019.

Of Course, it’s early in the year, but I am speechless. Ker-plunk, so to speak.

COVID-19 has kept me home sweet home, AKA, sheltered in place. Fortunately, my home is filled with projects, yard work, and hobbies. My to-do list is a page long, though I am clever to avoid, re-write, and re-prioritize items on that list.

Now a home body, I spend much time learning to paint while adding to my list of hobbies. I have enlarged my circle of artists gurus and watch countless tutorials.

I have joined the world-wide pajama party who stay up late, drawing and sketching and snacking.

ice-cream sundae under an umbrella table
Ice-cream to go

Hubby and I stop to smell the roses. We order carry-out on a regular basis. We picnic and eat on the patio more than before as we devise ways to safely escape to the great outdoors, masks in hand.

Living in the Ozarks gives us ample freedom to picnic and bird watch. Social distancing is easy to achieve. We can drive through Chic-Filet in Branson and head for The Landing on Taneycomo or Table Rock Lake with sandwich and shakes in hand to watch ducks and fishermen as we munch.

Discovering New Artists

With everyone snugged down at home sweet home, the World Wide Web and Zoom are humming. I stay busy logging onto my favorite creative sites.

-I joined Patreon to follow:

    • Timree and her clever painting style, from sunny California.
    • Stefan Kunz and his imaginative lettering, from his home in Zurich.
    • Mitzi Kral and her watercolor with over 19,000 followers on YouTube, where you can learn to paint flowers from her garden in Sussex UK.


  • I subscribed at Skillshare to study tutorials on animation and  the Procreate APP for my iPad.

    Happy Ending

    My reason for anticipating a bright new year seemed natural following a year filled with loss. It was all rather surprising how life’s events turned me upside down and shook me out of a rut.

  • A season of mourning in 2019 brought new insights and treasured memories. The value of moments centered on friends and family gleam like gold. Gaining time to call, write, and text friends and family is a bonus to sheltering in place.Cupie doll wishes Happy New Year 2020