Trinket Giveaway 2016 Flops

Trinket Giveaway from Estate Trinkets & Treasures Ends

Retro napkin holder, mouse and mushroom trinket giveaway
Trinket Giveaway, a retro mushroom-and-mouse napkin holder

Trinket Giveaway sounded good at the time. Why not give away little thingamabobs collected through the years that I no longer treasure to fellow collectors who visit our website?

So, in 2016, I held a monthly drawing. It was fun for the first nine months mailing away little treasures, but the idea fizzled in October.

After not receiving one entry for the giveaway vintage, mushroom-and-mouse napkin holder after running a drawing I extended three months, I ended the drawings in Dec. 2016.

Read all about the successful, premier eight months of giveaways at our companion website that celebrates antiques and collectors, Estate Trinkets & Treasures.

Trinket GiveAway Pin-Up Gallery

2016 Trinket Giveaway Winners

  • Jan: porcelain half doll, made in Germany: winner, Shellie from Virginia
  • Feb: Banjo Betty, a vintage figurine in the Hummel style: winner, Peg from Ohio
  • March: collectible tin can, miniature chair: winner, Melissa from California
  • April: vintage, gold doll purse, with gold metal strap and clasp: winner, Jody from CA
  • May: vintage tortoise shell comb with rhinestones: winner, Cynthia from MS.
  • June/July: antique tin doll mug, with storybook themed art: lithograph – no entries.
  • Aug: twin, celluloid Frozen Charlie dolls: winner, Nancy from WA
  • Sept: classic, vintage, carnival-style doll, Betty Boop: winner from Germany: did not
  • Oct/Nov/Dec: No entries. Sad face. Due to the lack of interest, we have put our Trinket Giveaway idea in the bottom drawer, where you put your least favorite sweaters, and will not continue it New Year 2017.

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