Russian Folk Doll
Russian Folk Doll by Gebruder Kuhnlenz or Reckangel
390 Armand Marseille
390 Armand Marseille, made in Germany
French doll, Unis France 301; 71 301 148
Bruno 692
Bruno Schmidt 692, made in Germany
Bahr Proschild 394, mechanical walking doll
Simon Halbin 1078, made in Germany
Simon Halbig 1078, made in Germany
Kestner bisque and composition doll, number 13
Kestner Bisque, No. 13
15-inch German bisque
22-inch Simon Halbig Child Doll
Simon Halbig child doll, 570
German Deponiert doll head on a French body
Germany Deponiert head on a French body
Leconte child doll, bisque and composition
French doll by LeConte
Heinrich Handwerck bisque and composition
Heinrich Handwerck
Schoenau Hoffmeister1906
Schoenau Hoffmeister, 35-inch doll
Schoenau Hoffmeister 1906
Schoenau Hoffmeister, a child doll from Germany
Beautiful 21-inch bisque and composition
Bisque head on a unique, 21-inch, swivel-hip body
Armand Marseille, 16-inch doll
Queen Louise with fur eyebrows
Queen Louise 100 with fur eyebrows
National Costume Doll
Bisque doll in original dress
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French Doll No. 8
French, 19" doll with body stamp, Bébé Jumeau Diplome d' Honneur, Made in France
Bahr-Proschild National Doll, Bohemian
Bahr-Proschild, 14"
Japanese Doll
Japanese doll in original clothing, 6-inches
Japanese Girl Doll
Japanese doll with sleep eyes, 7-inches
AM 1894 Antique Doll
Oriental doll by Armand Marseille - Kopplesdorf, 9-inches
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Walkur Antique Doll
Walkure Doll By J.D. Kestner; marked, "Walkure Germany 2 1/4 52"
S&H 1349 Dressel Doll
Simon Halbig Jutta Child
Goebel 120 doll
Goebel 120, made in Germany, 10" tall
J Verlinque French Doll
Verlingue, French, 15-inch, stone bisque & composition
Bebe Tout En Bois
Bebe Tout en Bois, an all-wood doll from Germany
Heubach All-Bisque Doll
Heubach 9573 from Germany
Santa Doll by Simon Halbig
32-inch Santa by Simon Halbig
Unmarked Doll for the French Market
Unmarked, French or German doll, 28" tall
French Sailor Doll
French, Société de Bébé & Jouets character doll, 18"
Kestner 162 Lady Restoration
Lady Kestner No. 162, 16" tall
Kestner 168
24-inch Kestner, F. Germany 10.; 168; 08.
Armand Marseille AM 1894 AM O DEP Made in Germany
14-inch AM O DEP 1894
Abyssian Baby doll
Heubach Kopplesdorf Baby 458 13, Abyssinian Baby
Porzellanfabrik Rauenstein 6/0, doll made in Germany
10-Inch, Porzellanfabrik Rauenstein, Germany D 6/0
Hula Hula
Hanna Hula Doll: SH 12/0 Hanna, Made in Germany, 7 1/2 inches tall
8-Inch, Native Island Baby, AKA South Seas: Heubach.Koppe 399-14/0 DRG Germany
Rauenstein: " R /22"
Eden Bebe, 8-inch doll from France
French 8-Inch Eden Bebe: "Fabrication Francais Eden BeBe Normands 5067/3 J."
Bleuette, with open and close eyes
Bleuette: dating from 1922-1933
Heubach Kopplesdorf
Dutch Boy from the 1900s: "Kopplesdorf; Germany; 320 19/0"
Armand Marseille number 12, Child Doll
Armand Marseille, 28-inches: "A12M "
Johan Walther Child  Doll
Johan Walther, child doll, marked with "W"
German bisque doll
Revalo, 18-Inch, Child Doll, "Germany 2/0"
G&SB Antique German Doll
Ganz doll: marked, "G&S 3Germany"
29 Princess 1 Doll, Made in Germay
Toddler Princess Doll, 23-inches: "29 Princess 1 Germany"
French LeConte child doll French: "LeConte 6"; 21-inch, five-piece, composition body
AM "Scowling/Frowning Indian" Doll
Armand Marseille Scowling/Frowning Indian Doll: "Mark: AM 3"
Native American Doll by Armand Marseille
Paper Mache, Native American Doll: "2 0/0" 8-inches tall
Armand Marseille Indian Maid Native American Doll
Armand Marseille, 16-inches tall, Native-American Doll, " AM 9"
Armand Marseille American Indian Cultural Doll
Armand Marseille, "Scowling Indian" Doll; "A.M. Germany"
Scottish Doll
All-Bisque Scottish lad wearing a tartan plaid kilt, with a thistle-style brooch at his shoulder
Herm Steiner Doll
Herm Steiner Doll, Mark:"Germany, Herm Steiner,  6/0" - 11 in
Just Me Doll
"Just Me" Character Doll, "Registered Germany A 310/7/0/M"
Gebruder Kuhnlenz doll
Gebruder Kuhnlenz Soldier: "39 and 37 or 34 Gebruder": 8-10 inches tall
301 W&C DOLL
Wolf & Co. Doll, 14-in: " 301 W&C Germany"
Antique Miniature Bisque Doll Head Mask
Miniature, Bisque, socket head w glass eyes
Bisque Mask with inset glass eyes and sew holes
French style doll, with swirl-like trademark; mark, "15. 7/0" - 7-in doll
Dome Head; "germany H-13 Century Dolls Co." - 18-in
Kestner/Century baby doll, 15-in: trademark (K in a diamond)
Schuetzmeister and Quendt Mama Doll: "Mark: 201 C-11 SQ; Germany"
Kley Hahn Baby Doll: "199 60"
Goebel Character Baby: " B Germany 5 - 4 3/4"
Kestner Baby with cutout for voice mechanism
Talking, Character Baby Doll: " Made in Germany"
Bonnie Babe: "Corp. Georgene Averill, Bonnie Babe, 1005/3652, Germany"
Gebruder Heubach Baby Doll
Gebruder Heubach Baby Doll, 9-in; Mark: 0 (horizontal ellipse), Germany, 23 (upside down), 99 (in green ink), Gebruder Heubach
Baby doll, 11-in; "Baby Phyllis, Germany"
Gerling Baby
Baby Doll, 17-in; "31, Arthur Gerling, Made in Germany"
Baby Doll with Fur Wig: "Made in Germany; 211; JDK "
PM 914, German doll by Otto Reinecke
Porzellanfabrik Mengersgereuth, 9-in: "PM 914"
Hertel, Schwab & Co. No. 142
Solid-Dome, Baby doll, 11-in, "Hertel, Schwab & Co. No. 142"
Bye-Lo Bisque Doll, 15-Inch
Bye-Lo Baby Doll, 15-in; "Grace S Putnam"
MR 500 Baby Doll
MaMa Doll: "M.R. Germany 500 /2/OX"
Kammer & Reinhardt Doll 041
Baby doll, 24-in: "Kammer & Reinhardt ; Simon Halbig 121"
Baby Gloria
"Gloria" Character Doll, 18-in: " Baby Gloria; Germany"
Baby Doll: "G329 B; A 2 M; DRGM 267/1"
Bye-Lo by Grace S. Putnam
Bye-Lo Baby Doll, 17-in: "Copyright by Grace S. Putnam, Made in Germany"
Kley & Hahn
Kley Hahn, Bisque Socket Head, 13-in
AM Germany Bisque and Composition
Bisque Head On Paper Mache Body, 8-in: "AM Germany; 35 U5/OK"
FS Co 1272/35Z
Baby, 9-In: "FS& Co. 1272; Deponiert"
AM Bisque Baby Doll
Herm Steiner Baby Doll with crier, 8-in; "13 Germany" with Herm, Steiner trademark (S overlapping an H)
Dream Baby, 9-in: " AM Germany 341 10"
Hertel, Schwab & Co., bent limb Baby Doll, 11-in: "Made in Germany 152/1"
Heubach Heubach
KR 121 Toddler Doll, 16-in: " KR 121 Simon Halbig"
Alt Beck doll Alt, Beck & Gottschalck toddler doll, 22-in: "ABG 1361 50"
Heubach Kopplesdorf Heubach Character Doll, 20-in: "Heubach Kopplesdorf 300 5 Germany"
Armand Marseille 971 Germany A3M Armand Marseille, 15-in: " Armand Marseille 971 Germany A 3 M"
"Alma," Dolly-Face Shoulder Head: "Alma 13/0"
"Floradora," Shoulder Head on Kid Body, 18-in: "A 4/0 M Floradora Armand Marseille, Made In Germany"
Bisque shoulder head/kid body: 20-in: "Alt, Beck & Gottschalck, No. 639"
Armand Marseille Shoulder Head: "AM-7/0"
Boy, bisque shoulder-head doll with the mark "33" Blonde, Boy Shoulder Head, 20-in: "33"
Dolly face 370 Shoulder Head Shoulder Head, 16-in: "Germany 370 2/0"
Smiling French Fashion Doll, a 17-inch shoulder head Smiling French Fashion Doll, 17-in, swivel head, shoulder plate. Not marked. Many were not. Meticulously dressed by Hazel Lasley for doll collector Lillian Wiskur.
Kling Shoulder Head Blonde Shoulder Head, 18-in: "Kling 186-6" and trademark bell
Rosebud Shoulder Head Doll, 22 inches "Rosebud," Shoulder head, 23-in; "Rosebud, A 3 M, Made in Germany"
Tinted Bisque Shoulder Head Doll Shoulder Head, 22-in: "Simon Halbig 1080 Made in Germany"
Ruth doll "Ruth," Shoulder Head, 18-in; "Ruth, 8/0, Made in Germany"
Francois Gaultier Doll Armand Marseille Shoulder Head, 24-in: "370, AM-6-DEP, Made in Germany"
DEP 154 German, Dolly Face Shoulder Head: "DEP 154, 8 1/2 Made in Germany"
A3M Armand Marseille 390 Shoulder Head, 22-in: "Made in Germany Armand Marseille, 390n, DRGM246, A3M"
Triangle 0 Trademark Shoulder Head Doll Shoulder Head, 19-in: "24 A" with trademark of a "O" inside of a triangle
Lissy 210 Shoulder Head Doll "Lissy," Shoulder Head: "Germany Lissy 210"
AIM 201013 Shoulder Head
Shoulder Head on Kid Body, 21-in: "AIM DRGM 201013"
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Heubach Kopplesdorf
Bisque Shoulder head on a Kid and cloth body: "Heubach Kopplesdorf"
Armand Marseille "Darling" Antique Doll
"Darling," shoulder head, 24-in: "AM Darling"
Metal Head on a Kid Body
Metal Shoulder Head. 21-in: unmarked
Armand Marseille Shoulder Head, 12-in: "Germany 370"
Boy Shoulder Head, 15-in: "630 A.I.M. Germany D.R.G.M."
Mabel Shoulder Head Doll
"Mabel," Shoulder Head, 20-in: "Mabel Registered Rosalind Body Germany"
Turned, Shoulder Head, 20-in: "1235 Alt, Beck, Gottschalck Germany"
Ernst Heubach 1902
Shoulder Head, 16-in: "1902 - 8/0 Made in Germany" (Ernest Heubach horseshoe trademark)
China Head, 22-in, circa 1870 to 1850
Blond China Head Blonde China Head, 21-in; Pre-dates 1890
China Head, dressed in satin and lace
China shoulder head with spoon hands, 19-in
China Boy Doll, dressed as an aristocrat
China head, boy, 29-in
Aristocratic China head, dressed in teal and ginger brown
"Helen," a Pet Name doll, 29-in
Agnes Pet Name China Head Doll
"Agnes," a Pet Name china head, 18-in
China Head
Large china head doll
China head with blue eyes and Civil War hair style
Conta & Boehme china head with pierced ears
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German, Paper-Mache doll, 16-in
Sonnenberg doll: construction, paper mache or composition
Wax Doll from London, England, 17-in
Black, china frozen Charlotte
Frozen Charlie, 5-inches tall
Frozen Charlotte
Frozen Charlotte, china doll, 2-in
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To identify a bisque, antique doll, look for incised marks on the back of the neck, often under the wig. Look for these marks in doll guide books to identify the manufacturer and to find its value.
Small, All-Bisque Doll, 1-½ in
Bisque Shoulder-Head Doll with Peach Bow in Hair
All-Bisque, Jointed Doll House Doll
German All-Bisque Doll
All-Bisque, 6" doll, "Made in Germany"
Three All-Bisque Dolls with molded shoes and socks
All Bisque Doll
Doll House Doll; 3 3/4" tall: "620, 9, Made in Germany"
All-Bisque Doll: "Germany 150 1"
All Bisque Grace S. Putnam
All-Bisque Doll, 4-in: "Corp. by Grace S. Putnam Germany"
Stone bisque, jointed, doll
All Bisque Blonde Flapper Girl
Tinted Bisque, girl with blonde hair: "Germany, 124"
Brunette All-Bisque Flapper Doll
Tinted Bisque, girl with brown hair: "Germany, 123"
All Bisque Doll with Gray Hair and Painted Shoes and Socks
All-Bisque, Jointed doll with molded, gray hair
All Bisque Doll
All bisque Doll, 2-1/4-in
All-Bisque Doll: "Made in Germany"
Celluloid doll marked "France 40"
French Celluloid, 19-in: "France 40"
Rheinische Gummi Celluloid, 16-in: "Germany, 200 1/1" with turtle trademark
Dapper Youth All Bisque Boy
Celluloid doll, 5-in: courtier costume, Poland, Krakowiak, Cracow
Rheinische Gummi Celluloid Doll
Rheinische Gummi celluloid doll, 10-1/2-in: "27 1/2 6" and turtle trademark
Baby Bo-Kaye: " Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.; Copyright by Jos. L. Kallus; Germany 45"; also, turtle trademark
Doll Head from Diamond Tile Co. of Hanley, England
Doll Head from England: diamond trademark
Chenille Donkey with celluloid doll riders, 4-in: "Handwork Kunstlershutz, West Germany; Made in Western Germany"
Swiss Boxing Doll by Burcherer, 8-in
Celluloid or Hard plastic doll with glass eyes, a shoulder head, 23-in: kid body
Plastic Doll, 5 ½-in: "PMI JHB"
Blond Metal Head
Metal Shoulder Head
French or German Antique Doll Head with Closed Open Mouth
Antique, Shoulder head, French or German
French German Antique Doll Head Closed Mouth
Antique, Shoulder head, French or German
Wind-up, walking doll: 10-in
German Antique Busque Doll
German Baby Doll, 4-in; jointed composition
Dutch Doll in Wooden Shoes
Dutch Doll in Copper Curlers and Wooden Shoes, 12-in