Digital Art: JPG, PNG & SVG

The digital art in my Free Art Gallery is gratis. The copyright use includes Fair Use but non-commercial use. See the info/iptc panel of the digital image for copyright information or visit SwimYellowDuck/Blog.

Each image comes zipped in a folder with multiple copies in miscellaneous size and file formats. (The pixel width of the image is included with the file name.)

Most images in the Free Art Gallery come in multiple file formats, including JPG, PNG, and SVG.

Learn more about my current work on my Blog.

Watch Everything You Need To Know About SVG, a Chris Coyier video at CSS-Tricks, on the versatility of vector art and the SVG format.

I would love to see your work. If you have incorporated my art in a project, send me a picture.

File Format Descriptions

Jpg folder

The JPG format is compressed and rasterized. It has a white bounding box that is visible if you add the image to any background that is not white.

PNG & SVG Folder

Digital images in the PNG & SVG folder have a transparent background.

Also, an SVG can be resized without losing quality. Global changes can be made to the image in a digital art program or App.

Mechanics of My Vector Images

For the most part, the paths on my vector images (SVG) are closed. Generally the SVG files are in named layers. Sometimes the paths will be grouped. To edit invididual shapes in an art program, you may need to "ungroup" first.

fish weathervane at the marina fascinator chapeau with bangles fancy hat with pink plumes Dory's Camper with red, white and blue trunks waving from antenna tiffany blue trailer with flamingo art tiffany blue trailer retro camper with rainbow stripes and flamingo art vintage, boxy trailer camper Turquoise, winged wagon bird on cactus with dusty pink background festive Chip, the sparrow, on a red, polka-dot branch Blue Baby Rainbow Flight antique china head doll with rosettes letter of the alphabet blue with a flower rainbow flip flops Blue Baby military airplane flying through the clouds flip flops in a  geometric pattern flip flops with green and white stripes lady vase with flowers, collectible antique pink beaded angel ornament etro lady vase with banana curls and flowers Chip sparrow in winter feathers Who Me, the owl Moose portrait checkered flip flops with turquois medallion Love Pop Art Flip flops in beach camo pattern Red polka-dot Christmas stocking trimmed with feathers coffee cup sprouting a flower turkey dressed in pilgrim clothing for Thanksgiving "Snooze" candy heart for those bored with lovepumpkin face jack-o-lantern Patriotic military airplane Saint Nicholas and lamb and a string of twinkling lights flip beach camo flip flops white beaded angel ornament retro head vase of lady with flowers with blue background retro head vase of lady with flowers with green background Chip Sparrow on a Candy Cane Branch with night sky King Henry of Merry England Monogram letter C of the alphabet in pink