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Featured Digital Art In My Free Art Gallery

camper trailer with flamingo decal artI've been drawing camper trailers, and have featured some in my Free Digital Art collection. More details, on my Blog. art poster of Happy Campers on Parade

Illustrations and icons in my Free Art Collections

I have two collections of free digital images for you to download and use in your art projects and to make you smile:

  1. 1) Free Digital Art illustrations and caricatures
  2. 2) An Iconic Collection of digital icons, flourishes, and symbols

I've made my images available in three popular digital formats, JPG, PNG, and SVG. The size of the image is notated in the file title and file info.

Blue Baby airplane from my Warbirds Collection in JPG format

A JPG is a compressed file format with a white bounding box around the image. The white bounding box is visible if the image is placed on any background that is not white.

Blue Baby airplane from my Warbirds Collection in PNG format

An image in a PNG or SVG format has a transparent background.

Also, an SVG file is a vector image with the added feature that it can be resized without losing quality. Also, an SVG can be modified or enhanced in a digital art program or App to change color, lines, details, patterns, shadows, gradients, etc.

The Brushes App on my iPad

caricature self-portrait ink drawing with bold splashes of color designed with the Brushes App

Title: Whimsical Me

The most fun aspect of digital art is that you have paper, pens, brushes, paints, and inks at the press of a button or the click of a mouse, like a magic wand.

I created Whimsical Me on my iPad with the Brushes App. I had been drawing faces, and I love flowers and wild colors. I doodled around with the many brushes, then inked a countour, self-portrait that popped into mind after the style of Al Hirschfield.

You probably have favorite art Apps for your portable devices. Mine are InkPad, Brushes, Adobe Ideas, and Pro Sketchbook. There are a zillion Apps available for tablets, but my options are limited because my first generation iPad is a dinosaur and is not compatible with the latest-and-greatest art Apps.

Nevertheless, I am enamored with my clunky iPad 1st Generation with its dinosaur inards, large screen, and 58GB storage, and I have kept it charged and by my side since receiving it in 2010.

Digital art programs on my iPad

Title: Blue Winter

I was feeling my Cheerios one day, and decided to create a masterpiece on Pro Sketchbook. I had seen a snowy photo of my favorite, neighborhood resort, Big Cedar at Branson, Mo., and decided to capture it's essence.

I started sketching, but my drawing quickly came to an end. For the time being, the program is too sophisticated for my abilities, and I was unable to go beyond the coloring book stage.

The photograph that inspired me to sketch is lovely in itself. And since the photo was not mine and someone else held the copyright, I felt the fun was over with my sketch.

Nevertheless, art is fun. Artwork is work. I draw and paint and doodle because I am complelled to get an image out of my mind and onto paper or into pixels and, possibly, because I am enjoying my second childhood.