My Duck Pond in the Boston Mountain Chain

Sculpting mountains into lakes and highways

Hip-hip-hooray for the settlers to the Boston Mountain Chain of Missouri and Arkansas who came to the Ozarks in the 1800s and built what has become a region rich in education, arts, industry, and tourism.

Settlers to this region did not have an ocean or a major riverway or a chain of lakes (just saying, NY, LA, Miami, Chicago …) for building blocks. Instead, they had a mountain of rocks with springs, creeks, rivers and lakes.

Each time I venture out to a favorite Ozark spot, I stand amazed at what a resilient and visionary people, AKA "hillbillies," "moonshiners," and "ridge runners," have built.

They hewed out mountain sides and dammed springs and rivers. Blasted through mountainsides and built interstate highways, golf courses, resorts, and wilderness areas that are touted among the finest in the nation, thanks to the conservation and curation of a region that is beloved by all who live here.

Come set a spell and listen to some fiddle music

 Illustration by Dennis Jones for a Silver Dollar City Coloring Book, published by Wiskur & Company 1979

Grandfather's Mansion at Silver Dollar City, Mo.

Illustration by Dennis Jones for the Silver Dollar City Activity Fun Coloring Book, published by Wiskur & Company, 1979.


A horse rode into town. No rider. That set everyone to talking.

Then, they noticed the loose strings … Yup! A runaway marionette from Silver Dollar City!

Rufus the Mule a Darrell Wiskur illustration in a Silver Dollar City Guidebook
If you have your paints and colors handy, turn back time and download a piece of art from the Ozarks to color or doodle.

My To-Do List for Ozark Tourists

You will need a ticket for some destinations, but many await you with open doors!

After three decades in the Boston Mountain Chain, I have embraced the rich heritage of pioneers who had the foresight to make the most out of mountains of rocks. They blasted through the rocks and limestone to create highways, and made the mountain valleys into lakes with dams of water from springs and rivers. Now we enjoy a playground for sports, entertainment, camping, commerce, and business. The Ozarks celebrates the success of entrepreneurs and business icons, i.e., Sam Walton and the Walton Family, AKA, Wal-Mart; Johnny Morris of Bass Pro Shops, Top of the Rock, Big Cedar; and the Hershend's of Silver Dollar City fame …just a little name dropping from the Ozarks.