Let them eat cake!

Sir English Crumpet, a Cinderella Crumpet

Crumpet Vs. Muffin

When not served with tea, the English Crumpet has no regal standing and finds itself demoted to the common English Muffin.

McDonald's made history with the English Muffin in 1972 when it topped a muffin with Canadian bacon, egg, and cheese and knighted it Sir Egg McMuffin.

The crumpet, turned English muffin, is beloved because of its four ingredients, flour, water, yeast, and a sprinkling of sugar. Who doesn't keep those stocked in their pantry?

Pop a muffin into a toaster and serve it warm and buttered for 200 calories. For another 100 calories, pick up an Egg McMuffin.

The crumpet is a Cinderella of pastries. It appears quite plain and riddled with holes, but with the magic wand of the Jam & Jelly Fairy, those holes are filled with yummy goodness.

Slather on gobs of fruit and jams, and the simple crumpet becomes a princess of pastries. A true Cinderella story!

Bake an English muffin

Feeling royal? Bake a batch of English Muffins.

An English Muffin contains no egg or fat and only a few grains of sugar, which gives you complete freedom to give it the royal treatment. Pile on whatever you please— raspberry jam, fruit, jelly —or perhaps, Canadian bacon, an egg, and a slice of cheese - and eat it with tea as an English Crumpet.

gilded Bavarian tray, hand painted, with handles
Royal Bavarian tray, fit for tea cakes, crumpets, cream puffs ....

“I never thought I would cry over a cream puff.” —Baking contestant Martha in The Great British Bake Off-Series 5, filmed from East Berkshire

Cake Gallery

The cakes in my cake gallery are decorated at home by family to inspire your next cake.

Boston Cream cake, decorated with chocolate eggs on a nest of chocolate curls for easter

Boston Cream Cake, decorated for Easter with chocolate eggs on a bed of chocolate curls – yum!

To welcome in New Year's, a cake of Cake-Boss proportions – four layers, a layer for each of the four seasons.

Cake Pops for Easter, made by Miss Gwendelyn

Saga of the Lamb Cake

Lillian and her famous Easter lamb cake

Me-maw and her picture-perfect lamb cake!

A lamb cake at Easter has been a family affair since grandmother Lillian baked her first lamb for the grandchildren and our Easter family dinner. The children don't remember her not baking one.

In her 80s, she was ready to pass the torch, and granddaughter Wendy accepted the baton.

The plot thickens because frosting the lamb cake without the lamb's head falling off due to the weight of the frosting or from the weight of the frosting spatula while spreading the frosting over the ears is near impossible.

Lillian's lamb cakes had up to 10 toothpicks speared through the head like a pyramid to support the head. Sometimes she decorated the lamb laying on its side, another solution for a toppling lamb.

The grandchildren never noticed the toothpicks hidden under the frosting because, one, they didn't eat the cake. It always had coconut tinted green for grass and jelly bean decorations, which, to the children, was similar to a do not eat sign. Two, it was too pretty to eat.

After dinner, the cake was left behind for me to eat, and I ate the cake in its near entirety —after removing the toothpicks. The lamb cake was always delicious. It had some of my favorites: coconut, white cake, and vanilla frosting.

Bake Me a Cake

When I was head-baker in my kitchen, unless the cake was ordered from the bakery, it was rather plain. I abandoned cake decorating after blasting the kitchen with frosting on more than one occasion.

Once I was inspired to bake petit fours after seeing some gorgeous petit fours in a magazine. I frosted them with poured fondant frosting, per directions. Then topped each one with a piped rosebud.

My petit fours tasted like glue. The piped rosebuds looked like a gorilla had grabbed hold of my frosting bag.

Fortunately, this tale has a happy ending. My daughters do not faint at the sight of a frosting bag, and cakes and cake pops take center stage at our celebrations.

Decorating a cake for someone special is a gift. It is designed to honor or to celebrate a loved one. It takes planning. Decorating a cake is a work of art.