Praise for the Tea Cup

flower arrangement with pink and yellow roses and hydrangeas

A spot of tea and a good mystery

Have you watched the mystery series Rosemary and Thyme from BBC? I binged on the series once I discovered it on Netflix. With only 22 episodes, the fun was over almost as soon as it had begun.

If you want to turn back time (2003-2007), brew yourself a cup of tea and watch Rosemary and Thyme.

Plot & Setting: The two mystery sleuths of Rosemary Boxer, who holds a doctorate in plant pathology, and Laura Thyme, a former Women's Police Constable in North Kensington, rescue gardens and solve mysteries when they happen on a body or two in the shrubs and plantings in their world of horticulture.

The setting for the mysteries are gardens in England, Portugal, and Spain. The mysteries are never grim, but filled with tea and lunches and lots of digging.

Laura and Rosemary think out loud, and I found myself having a cup of tea with them. When they ate their breakfast toast or stopped at an Inn for a meal, I was right there with them, adding my two cents, prognosticating and zooming around in Rosemary's Land Rover, hauling plants and top soil and gardening tools.

Who would think that a waterfall in a garden and lovely plants and friendship could erase the nightmare of a murder, but somehow in this quaint little English series with tea and cakes and friends, life supersedes death.

Teacups in my cupboard

I adore embellished art on tea cups and tea pots. The more gilding and flourishes the better. I love the rich colors and the sometimes dense and sometimes delicate porcelain.

I think in part, too, that teacups and tea pots remind me of parties and friends. Tea is meant for two or more, and as you sip you chat.

My family are tea connoisseurs and stock their cupboards with Teavana, Starbucks, and their favorite Twinnings teas. They mostly prefer mugs and not the delicate tea cup. And they brew their tea with all the special pots and steepers from Teavana and Cuisenart.

Quite the opposite, I care more about what my tea cup looks like than what is inside the cup, and love the feel of antique china that's been around longer than me.

Tea cup paintings and photographs

watercolor from my sketchpad of a tea cup on an eyelet cloth

My painting of teacups has been truncated. I draw and sketch, and yet I end up with an obtrusive shape with a handle. Nevertheless, art is fun, and working to put on paper an image you see only in your mind is a priceless experience.

For you, I have included on this page a tea cup gallery to inspire your creative works.