Tea Party for Zlata

The theme for the tea party was Baby Girl. Baby Zlata Peeta had arrived a month earlier, and it was time for her debut with the aunts and uncles and cousins. Special guests were Mom Zhanna, Baby Zlata, and Grandmother Tamara (AKA "Baa-BUSH-ka"), who had come to the U.S. from Belarus to see her granddaughter. Nevertheless, Zlata seemed unfazed by all the fuss over her.

Zlata and her Baa-BUSH-ka from Belarus

Zlata and her Baa-BUSH-ka

Never a dull moment for Zlata. Her babushka (bah-bah) saw to it that she was well entertained.

Meanwhile, we filled our plates with yummy food, drank coffee frappé, and played games.

Aunt Wendy baked and arranged flowers for the table

Topping the Table with Flowers and Food

Zlata's aunts each prepared their specialty in honor of Zlata's debut. Amy dipped chocolate covered strawberries, Wendy arranged flowers and baked a cake, Stephanie painted flowers on the cake and baked mini quiche, and Lisa made crab dip with steamed crab and a double batch of cocktail meatballs, a favorite of the cousins.

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