Modern portrait of a glitzy girl by Patricia Wiskur

Cubic Self-Portrait in My Dreams

cubic art portrait in my dreams
Cubic me fantasy

Cubic Me is an empirical fantasy of a splendid day.

I was drawing portraits and saw a photograph of Lady Gaga. Soon I was blurring reality in juxtaposition.

I was studying Cubism. My first attempt at Cubism was a self-portrait,  titled Modular Me.

digital art self portrait. wistful of cubism
Modular Me, digital art to the power of three

Since I enjoy geometric prints and adored geometry in high school,  Cubism promises to be a natural for me, but I have some work to do.

It’s fun to re-composite an image in geometric shapes, but more challenging is to imagine a flat object from different viewpoints and to create that final image with differing viewpoints and on different planes, which is pure Cubism.

I am at an impasse. Cubism is analytical art from different viewpoints, but my images are from a single viewpoint.

In Cubist artwork, objects are analyzed, broken up, and reassembled to represent the subject in a greater context. In contrast, my images simply celebrate perspective, form, and color.

Goldfish Under the Sea

I’ve posted a new line drawing to color and doodle. It’s an illustration by Darrell Wiskur for a children’s journal and activity book titled, Mommy’s Days, written by our daughter Wendy O’Dell.

I had fun coloring the drawing on the iPad, and thought you might like to as well.

two fish blowing bubbles under the sea
Fish Bubbles

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My love for art comes from years in the studio of Wiskur Productions, with my husband, Darrell Wiskur, a designer and photographer. Also, I was an editor and photographer in the real world for 17 years ... all the while, thankful for an artful life and cherished memories. Photos are ©2019 Darrell D. Wiskur