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Trump and Jeb and

Merriment with Trump and Jeb

‘Tis the season to be merry and bright and ordinary events seem sprinkled with glitter. Which is where I found myself when I walked into the kitchen and heard Darrell laughing hilariously, sending me on an Internet sleigh ride to

Darrell was double tasking, dipping catfish in cornmeal and listening to Fox News in the background when he heard the news bit about Donald Trump buying the domain so that when someone types into the browser, it redirects them to

Darrell thought that was hilarious. I thought it was curious. I typed in and sure enough, up popped Donald J. Trump.

To visit Jeb’s Website, go to

I don’t know the back story. Why did Jeb and his team not register his own, unique, famous name,, for a dot com domain? I figure it was to pretend he wasn’t a Bush. Still, it’s mind boggling.

Lesson learned. Register your own name as a domain if available. It will cost you about $12. You don’t have to put up a website, but protect your name so no one else can put up a website with your name.

Website developers will buy variations of a name, and not put up a website but rather re-direct the url to a live Website so that when, hypothetically, someone would have typed, it would have automatically gone to jeb2016.

For some reason Jeb’s team didn’t register jebbush, and the golden apple was left for the picking by The Donald.

Redirecting a domain

It’s common for website developers to buy more than one domain and program all of them to redirect to a singular Website. There are varied legitimate reasons to do this, such as company growth, name changes, new branding, etc. Also, some products and companies have nicknames so that they might want to buy any domains they think their customers might type, and have that name redirect to their main Website.

I am curious as I don’t know the whole Jeb-Trump story. Possibly someone else had previously bought the domain, and Jeb didn’t want to negotiate a purchase price, but Donald decided he did.

A  .com that has not been registered can be bought for $11.95 (one-year) through a hosting company such as Dream Host, my favorite.  You can purchase a domain even if you don’t host a Website or a Blog with it. When you buy and register a domain, you control it. It can sit there until you launch it or sell it.

Over 175 domain extensions available

Superstar Captain Energy
Captain Energy

Today, it is not easy to come up with a .com domain name tailored to your name or business that isn’t already registered. Often people must add numbers, letters, etc., to their name in order to make it unique and eligible to register.

For instance, I wanted for Darrell’s Captain Energy characters, but that domain was already registered, so I went with

All is not lost. Hosting companies such as Dream Host can help you find and register the perfect domain name from over 275 new extensions, along with the ever popular .com, .net, .org, .info and .co. Check out the list of extensions at Dream Host.

Bought my first .bz domain

Back to the holiday merriment, I recently bought Don’t ask me why. Possibly I was transporting myself to my favorite vacation spot. Someone had already registered and before me. When that happens, if I want a particular name in the url, I see if the domain is available as a .bz. I love the letter “z,” and I like the .bz nomenclature.

Ocean side Restaurant at the Fiesta Americana, Cabo San Lucas
My favorite afternoon spot at the Fiesta Americana, Cabo San Lucas


So, while Darrell was still laughing about the Jeb-Trump news, I bought the domain I thought I would do as The Donald does.

“I say what I say,” my favorite quote heard early in Trump’s campaign and proven with time to be quite profound.

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