Antique porcelain from Germany, a Half Doll or Dresser Doll

Antique Half-Doll Giveaway

First-ever Trinket Giveaway at Estates Trinkets & Treasures

January Giveaway half doll or dresser doll from Germany
January Giveaway

The deadline to enter the January Trinket Giveaway for a porcelain half doll ends January 31, 2016. Enter at Estate Trinkets & Treasures. This half doll is a petite, 2-1/4″ tall. It’s finely painted, glazed, and incised, “Germany.”

Half-doll description: lady in a pompadour hair style looking in a mirror. The paint palette is red, purple and gray.

Note: The porcelain half-doll Trinket Giveaway ended January 31, 2016. The half-doll was mailed to the lucky winner, who lives in Virginia.

Each month: a new Trinket Giveaway

The trinkets will be vintage or antique and will be varied in subject, from toy to porcelain to paper ephemera to mechanical (Trinket Giveaway Gallery).

Because we have a stash of trinkets and treasures from estates and our personal collections, we decided to giveaway  a vintage [antique]  trinket to collectors who frequent our websites, each month in 2016.

The skinny on the registration process

Register at  Estate Trinkets & Treasures. Read all the details and enter upcoming Trinket Giveaways.

The registration form includes a space for a name and address for mailing purposes. The e-mail and mailing addresses are not archived. Each month is a new drawing and a new registration.

Half Dolls, AKA Dresser Dolls, are a genre of doll collecting

A Half Doll, AKA Dresser Doll, is the beginning of a pin cushion or other decorative embellishment. I’ve devoted a page on Estates to showcase some of my favorite half dolls.

Half dolls for your dresser
Seven antique and vintage half dolls for your dresser or shelf

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