Pumpkin Face Jack-O-Lantern This Halloween

Happy Halloween greeting with a pumpkin jack-o-lantern
Happy Halloween from Pumpkin Face

Put on a Pumpkin face – Happy Halloween

Autumn is here, bringing with it Halloween and Thanksgiving Day.

I know it’s officially autumn when Starbucks brings back one of my favorites, Pumpkin Spice Latte. Bring ’em on!  I am an equal opportunity pumpkin eater: Pumpkin Almonds (thank you, Planter’s), Pumpkin Bagels and Autumn Soup (thank you Panera), and Pumpkin Pie Blizzards (thank you, DQ!).

I love pumpkins so much that I grow my own pumpkins. My daughter gave me a blown glass pumpkin because of my love for pumpkins.

I decorated this pumpkin in Photoshop to wish you a Happy Halloween. I took a photo of a pumpkin my hubby carved and added layer mask and layer effects in Photoshop. I clipped those to the carved pumpkin image and Voila.

Pen tool, in action

My first step for my art was to isolate the pumpkin from its background with the pen tool so that the pumpkin had a transparent background. I used the  pen tool again to create a path for my text. I placed a photograph of my pansies on the bottom layer to complete my image.

It’s fun to start with a photograph of a pumpkin and end up with a jack-o-lantern.

Photoshop after all is a lot like playing in a sandbox.

Happy Halloween to all …

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Patricia Wiskur

My love for art comes from years in the studio of Wiskur Productions, with my husband, Darrell Wiskur, a designer and photographer. Also, I was an editor and photographer in the real world for 17 years ... all the while, thankful for an artful life and cherished memories. Photos are ©2019 Darrell D. Wiskur