Re-Designing Websites

china head doll headsI’ve felt rather empty-headed ever since I decided to re-design my FIVE websites.

Designing my first website came easily nearly 11 years ago after watching a Macromedia Dreamweaver video by a whiz kid from Great Britain. However, today that website design is archaic. Technology and coding have changed drastically. XHTML has come and gone – tossed that book. And it’s time for me to change.

antique shoulder head doll with a bisque head
Antique AIM Shoulder Head

Therefore, it’s not surprising that when I made my New Year’s Resolutions 2015, I resolved to (1) re-design my websites and (2) simplify my life. Funny I didn’t see the dichotomy of those two goals at the time.

Well, it’s week one of March, and I’ve made some progress on my website. I have narrowed my page content to include entries on  Art & Journal, Antique Dolls, the Ozark Mountains (where I live), and UFDC Doll Club Memorabilia & Artist Dolls. Also, I’ve chosen a color palette for the design based on a photo my husband took of a  favorite antique doll.

color palette for swim yellow duck website
Six main colors in doll image

Using Adobe Color CC, I picked six top-level colors for my palette from a photo of an antique doll.  I was pleasantly surprised by the colors that emerged from the photo with the color picker. They were exactly what I wanted because I was aiming for a color palette unlike what I normally choose and one that leaned towards the Bohemian side, quite unlike me.

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