Pop Art Love lettering for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

I Made a Pretty Valentine for You

Victorian Bonnet Girl Valentine
Victorian Bonnet Girl

Card verse –
Dear little friend,
I send you here
With heart sincere,
A loving line;
And it will be
A joy to me,
To get from you
A Valentine
Be My Valentine!

A Victorian Valentine’s Day card  inspired my Bonnet Girl art. Thanks to the iPad, I no longer feel like a couch potato because I can draw and paint with my apps, anywhere. I completed this illustration on the sofa with the inkPad app, watching the Iowa Caucus [Feb. 1, 2016].

This card’s sentimental verse celebrates the beloved tradition of giving and receiving a valentine.

If you like vintage postcards, see a collection on my companion website Estate Trinkets & Treasures. Click the thumbnail, and it opens to a larger image with details about the card.

Pull out your scissors, colored paper, and glue and mail someone you love a valentine! Put a stamp on it!

Love Poetry for Mom

Inspired by the classic verse,  “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue …”  grandson Eric made a Valentine’s Day card for his mom during his frogs and snails stage, inscribed:

Roses are red, violets are blue. If you were a flower, I would pick you! -Love, Eric

Snooze Alarm for Valentine’s Day

Pink heart with the word snooze on it
Snooze is the state for hearts at rest when they hear the word Love

If  you don’t have a Valentine on Valentine’s Day, life can be a bore – a day  to buy yourself chocolates and hit the “snooze” button.

As a child on Valentine’s Day, I loved sweetheart candy hearts. Not to eat, but to share with friends, stir the imagination, and giggle about throughout the day.

Quotable Valentine Candy

Popular sayings on NECCO Sweethearts candy –

  • Kiss Me and Be Mine– 1902
  • Dig Me– 1930s
  • Fax Me – 1970s
  • Let’s Do Lunch – 1990s
  • Cool Cat and Purr fect – 2007
  • Tweet Me and Text Me – 2010

My favorites were Kiss Me and Love U.

As well, I imagined a Stupid Cupid heart somewhere in a bag full of candy for those with a tale to tell, Valentine’s Day!

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